Monitor power anytime, anywhere

  • Monitor UPS vitals
  • Multi-site monitoring
  • Email notifications
  • Mobile app notifications
  • Shared accounts

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Cloud Monitoring

Remotely troubleshoot UPS system power issues on networks with limited bandwidth.

Alert Notifications

Monitor your power with real-time UPS system notifications via email and app alerts.

Decentralized Monitoring

UPS groups within a account can be monitored by segment, client, or individual location.

PowerPanel Cloud desktop dashboard PowerPanel Cloud UPS details screen PowerPanel Cloud event logs screen PowerPanel Cloud desktop status logs screen PowerPanel Cloud device settings screen

Each UPS is displayed in colors to show its status. Users can easily spot a UPS that has a problem.

Useful filter and statistics are also available on the page, helping users get the overall UPS status at a glance.

The Event Log page provides the device event log for users to track the events of all devices.

Users can review the voltage, frequency, temperature and humidity of any device in the trend chart.

The Device Setting page provides the interface for users to update firmware.


Easy to set up and connect

Just download the app to your phone or use the web-based app. Install PowerPanel Cloud Cards into compatible CyberPower UPS systems and begin monitoring anytime, anywhere.

Diagram of PowerPanel Cloud connection set up