As the word suggests, this is a type of meeting where people ‘confer’ about a topic, and the speakers would generally be selected before the meeting takes place. There are many different types of conferences, they would all have the same concept but would be arranged to discuss topics in different situations.

A conference is a participatory meeting, which is generally designed for discussion, problem solving, fact-finding and consultation. Conferences are usually limited in duration and tend to have specific objectives, they refer to seminars or symposiums.

Conferences are most commonly held in academic, religious and information exchange situations, and generally, they have a formal programme with various speakers. These types of meetings would usually be organised by one person or representative. This kind of meeting is FEE PAYING.


As opposed to a conference where only a select few people may be invited to talk, conventions are usually organised by a group, union,religious group(church) or party, and encourage all attendees to participate and speak their mind. This type of meeting could be defined as a gathering of people, which is ‘convened’ to enable people to voice their opinions.

These are usually held by a large group of people who have a common interest, or an assembly of leaders such as a political convention organised by any particular party, a national convention organised by a church or nation.

Conventions are generally political or religious meetings. They do not have reading sessions, and tend to encourage the participants to interact and discuss. These types of meetings would usually be organised by a society, organisation, or church rather than an individual.

This type of meeting would be similar to a convention, but would refer to a regular coming together on a representational basis.  The attendees would generally belong to a single professional, cultural, religious or political group. A congress is often convened to discuss specific matters, and generally, contributions would only come from members of the organizing body.


Is a vigorous and dedicated action or movement in favor of a cause; like a revival meeting for evangelism. It is an open FREE meeting.