The MFM Women Foundation was officially inaugurated in September 2006 to cater for the affairs of women in all ramifications, in MFM Ministries Worldwide.

The authorities of MFM believe strongly that women have a unique role to play in the body of Christ because God has specially endowed them for specific assignment. It is on this premise that the Women Foundation was set up.

prior to the setting up of the MFM Women Foundation, there had been vital activities undertaken by departments run by women such as Pastors and Ministers’  Wives Department and the Glorious Women’s Magazine. All these units are now to be under the umbrella of MFM Women Foundation.

Women Foundation can be described as the women arm of MFM Ministries Worldwide. This implies that in MFM Ministries Worldwide anything and everything pertaining to women would henceforth be supervised by the Women Foundation. MFM Women Foundation is therefore the new parent body set up to supervise, direct and regulate all activities relating to Women in MFM Worldwide. In addition, none of the Women departments stands independent of the MFM Women Foundation anymore. The MFM Women Foundation is a vital department which would be in operation in all MFM branches Worldwide.


1.       To involve women of integrity in the thing of the Lord in MFM Worldwide.

2.       To bring women together in the spirit of unity, cooperation and love that would make them good ambassadors  of   the Lord Jesus Christ.

3.       To train, develop and produce Holy Spirit filled women for positions of leadership both in MFM Ministries Worldwide and the society at large.

4.       To teach women how to handle marital problems that may be confronting the women’s arm of the Ministry as well as addressing all matters concerning the Christian homes specifically relating to women.

5.       To allow women operate within the spiritual framework of their callings and also help develop their God-given potentials.

6.      To train women to become prayer eagles thereby preparing them to be battle-ready and to pull down strongholds.

7.      To create an avenue whereby general feminine matters can be addressed and discussed.

8.      To groom and train women to become total women in all ramifications, so they can be relevant to both the society and the church especially in this 21st  century.

9.      To have a voice for sisters in the affairs of the Ministry.

10.    To help the less-privileged in making a living by helping to arrange for the development of skills could be commercialized to arrest poverty.


Membership is for women who are full-fledged committed members of MFM Ministries Worldwide. They must be women of intellect, integrity, faith, honesty and loyalty. They must be spirit-filled as well. Every member should endeavor to fill a membership form.


1.       To handle and effectively coordinate the activities of MFM Women deliverance.

2.       To introduce and manage MFM Women Colleges Worldwide.

3.       To monitor the activities of MFM Women Ministries/Pastors and leaders at all levels.

4.       To handle all affairs pertaining to Women’s health and welfare.

5.       To organize seminars, conferences, workshops and public lectures yearly at both national and international levels on issues relating to women.

6.       To encourage the publications of magazines, newsletters, books, etc. relating to Women in the Ministry and to disseminate valuable information that will enhance the development and empowerment of women.

7.      To mentor and train the youth sisters in MFM Worldwide and prepare them for future assignments.


The MFM Women Foundation has at the helm of affairs . the wife of the General O verseer, Pastor (Dr)Mrs, Shade Olukoya, who is the international Coordinator. while the General Overseer himself is the international President of the Women Foundation. We then , have the governing council, which is then followed by the Central Working Committee. This is followed by the Heads of the various departments of Women Foundation. Thereafter, we have the Regional Coordinators followed by the Zonal Coordinators and then the Branch Coordinators. A diagrammatic representation of the Organogram of MFM Women Foundation is shown as follows:

It is the Governing Council of MFM Women Foundation that makes policies, guides, direct and regulates all the Women activities in MFM Ministries Worldwide.

The Central Working Committee Disseminates information to the Heads of Departments and the Regions and tries to implement the various policies mapped out by the governing council.

In MFM Regions, the wife of the Regional Overseer automatically becomes the Regional Coordinators or her appointee. At the MFM Zones, the wife of the Zonal Pastor or her appointee is the Zonal Coordinator. At the MFM Branches, the wife of the Branch pastor or her appointee is the Branch Coordinator. The Branch and Zonal Coordinators are responsible to the Regional Coordinators. All these Coordinators combined, are responsible and accountable to the international Coordinator,Pastor (Dr.) Mrs. Shade Olukoya.


MFM Women Foundation has 7 departments, namely:

1.     Women Affairs                                                          5.    Women Leaders

2.     Women College                                                        6.     Pastors and Ministers’ Wives

3.    Women Empowerment                                         7.      Women Secretariat/Publications

4.    Women’s Health

Each department has a head overseeing it.

1.   Women Affairs- This department caters for the highly-favoured single sisters in the Ministry as well as the youth Sisters. Seminars and Conferences are held to address matters concerning them.

2.  Women College- The college was set up to cater for the educational needs of Women in MFM. It has three departments , viz:

a)    Adult Literacy

b)    Remedial Studies

c)    Finishing School

At the moment,  Women College is being run at the MFM International Headquaters, MFM prayer City Region and MFM Ijaye Region.

3.   Women Empowerment- This department comprises the Women Professionals. Conferences, seminars and workshops are held to train and help empower these professional women so they can become women of substance and repute.

4.   Women’s Health- This department caters for the health of women.